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Rodents gnaw wires and contribute to fires. They are disease vectors and the odor from their feces and urine ruins inventory, insulation, and walls. Landmark’s science-based treatments and expert rodent proofing are the most powerful way to eliminate mice and rats and keep them from coming back.

Landmark serves more businesses than any other firm. We protect restaurants, food plants, warehouses, offices, and commercial kitchens from rodents such as mice and rats, everyday. We ensure that our clients remain inspection-ready.

Our team specializes in removing mice and rats from commercial and industrial buildings in Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs.

  • Mouse and rat control for Chicago’s Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Rodent control for grocery stores and food manufacturing facilities
  • Mouse and rat control for food growers and organic farms
  • Sealing mice out of office buildings, warehouses, and commercial properties
  • Mouse control for multi-unit residential properties, condominiums, and apartments


Landmark Seals Rodents Out

Any opening greater than ¼ inch lets mice enter, and rats require only ½ inch to get inside. Landmark’s structural exclusion experts identify every entry point and then seal your building to ensure the best long term solution.

We install rodent-proof materials such as expanded steel, angle iron, and stainless steel mesh that mice and rats cannot chew through. Since 1976 our experts have developed proprietary techniques that protect your businesses by sealing mice out. We secure doors, conduit lines, flashing, soffits, vents, weep holes, and other vulnerable points to protect your reputation from the damage caused by mice and rats.

Permanently Solve Your Mouse Problem

Most mouse problems are caused by holes on the outside of the building that allow mice to enter. Mice enter through the gaps under doors, gaps around pipe penetrations, and other gaps and cracks. Finding and sealing up these holes is key to solving mouse problems and reducing overreliance on rodenticides over time. Sealing gaps to keep mice out is the best long term solution to mouse problems.

Gaps beneath doors need to be blocked with door sweeps that are specially constructed to keep mice out. Many buildings are equipped with bristle-style door sweeps that are easily gnawed by rodents. Landmark installs durable rodent-proof door sweeps that prevent both mice and rats from entering. Rodents cannot gnaw through our rodent-proof door sweeps that contain stainless steel fibers.


Regulatory Compliance

Landmark keeps its clients in compliance with food safety audits, government regulations, and GFSI and FSMA guidelines. Landmark tailors every Integrated Pest Management program to your unique auditing criteria so that your facility is inspection ready.

Landmark ensures a clean, pest-free environment with 24-hour monitoring designed to catch emerging issues before they become a problem. We identify operational deficiencies within your facility including cleaning practices, trash removal, condensation areas, and the buildup of organic debris, and create recommendations that you can implement to eliminate conditions that support pests.

Landmark Pest Management performs pre-inspections and performs compliance consulting with Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) pest control standards in mind. We employ the Chicago Board of Health Rules And Regulations Pertaining to Sanitation Practices in Food Establishments to evaluate and shape each Integrated Pest Management plan. Effective measures intended to minimize the presence of rodents, flies, cockroaches, pest birds, and other insects on the premises form the basis of every Integrated Pest Management plan.

Construction Site Rodent Abatement in Chicago

While you may be aware of Chicago’s long-standing law surrounding the need to provide rodent abatement prior to application for a demolition permit, many construction firms are still unaware that a new ordinance went into effect on March 25, 2015. Landmark makes compliance easy.

We specialize in the unique pest control needs of construction firms and demolition companies. Our team responds quickly to bring your project into compliance in as little an one hour. We will supply you with the pest control service and compliance documentation needed for you to comply with Chicago’s New Construction Site Rodent Abatement Ordinance and the requirements outlined in Municipal Code Section 2-100-110 regarding new construction site rodent abatement.

The City of Chicago New Construction Rodent Abatement Ordinance requires sites to hire a professional to perform rodent abatement throughout each site’s ground breaking process. Because rodents live underground and excavation forces them to seek refuge in neighboring properties and equipment, the ordinance applies to any construction site that requires a building permit that includes excavation, and mandates that a rodent abatement plan be maintained throughout the excavation process of any new construction within City limits. The ordinance will be enforced by the City of Chicago’s Department of Buildings in conjunction with Streets and Sanitation. Penalties for failure to comply may include stop work orders, fines, and imprisonment.

Partnering with Landmark Pest Management is simple and carries added benefits. Our service includes all equipment, set up, service, and takedown, and our state-certified nuisance wildlife biologists and structural pest control technicians bait rodent burrows and maintain stations weekly.

To arrange rodent abatement for your construction sites, please contact us.

Free Construction Site Rodent Abatement Ordinance Education

We provide free training to project managers, estimators, and other key staff. Our biologists and construction pest control specialists are happy to provide a free 20 minute training on rodent abatement laws to ensure that your staff will always be in compliance and avoid unnecessary and expensive fines and work stoppages. Call today to schedule your firm’s free, informative, and fun session with our team of scientists.

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