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Eliminate Flies at Their Source

Flies are more than a nuisance, they’re a health hazard. They lay their eggs on garbage, filth, and feces, where they pick up germs on their feet, and then spread germs when they land on food and surfaces. Landmark uses the science of the way flies live, breed, and feed to eliminate flies by treating them at their source to keep you free from flies and their health hazards.


Small amounts of organic filth and water are all that is required for flies to breed. A single crevice, drain, or cracked tile can harbor thousands of fly larvae. Unless the breeding site is identified and treated directly with professional-grade treatment, then flies will continue to hatch, creating a nuisance and putting your health at risk.

Landmark treats flies at their source. We identify the fly breeding sites, remove the filth upon which the flies are feeding, and treat them directly with residual treatments that keep on working to ensure you will be fly free.

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Why Do I Have Flies?

Each fly species requires a species-specific treatment. The first step in any fly treatment is for a Landmark technician to properly identify the species so that a targeted treatment plan can be used to quickly solve your fly problem.

Large flies, also known as Filth flies, include House flies, Cluster flies, and Bottle flies. They typically begin their life on the exterior of buildings and find their way inside once they are adults. Adult Filth flies are attracted to garbage and feces, and land on it to lay their eggs. When a fly finds its way into your home, it is very likely that it is carrying contaminants on the surface of its body. Landmark protects you from large flies and the disease they carry by identifying their source and treating areas where flies land and rest to reduce their numbers.

Small flies include Fruit flies, fungus gnats, Drain flies and Phorid flies. These flies typically begin their lives on the interior of buildings. Adults lay their eggs on wet organic filth. Like Filth flies, small flies can also transmit diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella when they land on surfaces and food. Our technicians are trained to identify and eliminate the source of small fly activity to arrest the flies’ life cycle. Then we apply a residual treatment that keeps working to ensure that you remain free from the danger and nuisance that flies create.


Flies May Be a Sign of a Wildlife Problem

A sudden increase in House flies and Bottle flies may indicate the presence of a nuisance wildlife problem. Animals denning in attics, under stoops or in walls attract flies and the presence of flies may indicate an animal problem. When an animal, such as a mouse or squirrel dies in a building’s wall or attic, hundreds of flies can begin flying around the living spaces. Landmark’s experts will identify the wildlife issue, humanely remove the animals, and treat your home to get life back to normal.

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