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About Our Services

Landmark Pest Management is the insect and rodent control division of ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention, Inc. ABC Wildlife was founded in 1976 by a wildlife biologist, and continues to be operated by biologists, epidemiologists, and other scientists dedicated to humanely mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

Landmark Pest Management is an innovative, green pest control provider that specializes in helping its clients live and work in greener, safer buildings. We approach our work from an environmental sustainability perspective with a love of nature and a deep respect for all living things. Our approach to pest control is science based.

Landmark serves Chicago and the six surrounding counties from its offices in Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Naperville, Northbrook, Oakbrook, and Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

  • Emergency animal removal
  • Emergency bat removal
  • Skunk trapping
  • Raccoon trapping
  • Honey bee removal service that takes Honey bee colonies alive
  • Stinging insect nest prevention treatment
  • Mosquito control
  • Bee, hornet, and wasp treatment and removal service
  • Ant pest control
  • Bed bug treatment
  • Environmentally friendly and nontoxic pest control
  • Insect pest control
  • Bird control
  • Humane pigeon colony exclusion
  • Bird deterrent systems
  • Humane animal trapping and removal
  • Inspections to determine how animals are getting in
  • Inspections to determine how mice are entering homes
  • Mouse-proofing service to seal mice out
  • Animal-proofing service to keep animals from entering attics
  • Animal-proofing service to keep animals from living beneath decks, porches, stoops, and sheds
  • Treatment of mouse and rat problems and rodent control programs
  • Chipmunk removal

On-Call and Emergency Wildlife Control Service in Chicago and the Suburbs

Biologists and beekeepers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle wildlife and stinging insect emergencies

When there is an animal in the living quarters of your home in the middle of the night, our on-call biologist will speak with you and dispatch a state-certified wildlife expert to your home. We are always open. Whether it’s a weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the night, call the ABC Wildlife Hotline at 847-350-7378, and we can dispatch our team to your home immediately.

24/7 On-Call and Emergency Service

We’re always available:

  • Stinging insects entering the human-occupied areas of your home
  • Animals that have fallen down the chimney into the fireplace
  • Bats in the human-occupied areas of your home
  • An animal that needs to be captured and tested for rabies because it has bitten someone
  • An animal that is coming through the wall or ceiling into the human-occupied areas of your home

What Should I Do If Bats Enter My Home?

Bats are Illinois’ most common rabies carriers. A rabid bat can transmit rabies to a sleeping person without the person knowing they were bitten.

When a bat is flying around inside your home or bedroom, call the ABC Wildlife Hotline at 847-870-7175, and we will dispatch our team to your home immediately to:

  • Search for the bat and capture it in a net
  • Send it for rabies testing when needed
  • Inspect for a bat colony
  • Humanely remove the bat colony without harming the bats
  • Provide bat colony remediation and clean up any waste or contamination bats leave behind
  • Seal holes through which bats can enter and prevent them from returning

We Provide Service For:


Homeowners, multi-unit and managed properties, condominiums and apartment buildings, and homeowners associations (HOAs).


Restaurants, grocery stores, food manufacturers and food processors, USDA-inspected facilities, commercial buildings, and malls.


Government agencies, school districts, private schools, airports, museums, and hospitals.

Mission and Values

Landmark’s Mission

We control insects and humanely manage wildlife in the interest of human health and safety from an environmental sustainability perspective with a love of nature and a deep respect for all living things.

Landmark’s Values

We conduct ourselves with the knowledge that each of us has an obligation to the planet, to our communities, and to each other.

Our first responsibility is to protect the welfare of our clients. We must uphold their trust and maintain in good order the property they entrust us to serve. The service we perform must be conducted promptly, accurately, and safely.

We respect the dignity and merit of every employee. Working conditions must be safe, clean, and orderly as possible. We are mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities, including their health, retirement savings and the education of their children. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for all people. We must provide competent management whose actions are just and ethical.

We must be good citizens in the community, catalyzing civic improvements, better health, and education. We must be the change we hope to see in the world and lead lives informed by a desire to preserve biodiversity and alleviate human suffering. We must scale up these ideals through ourselves, our business, our communities, and our halls of government so that the energy we emit into society puts into alignment a healthier, more harmonious, and more just world.

Veterans Preference

Our veterans preference extends to our hiring practices. Landmark believes that Veterans of active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States, the Illinois National Guard, or any reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States deserve our respect and gratitude. Even if we are not advertising an available position, qualified veterans may contact us at any time with their qualifications and we will attempt to first consider them for any available positions before such positions are advertised to non-veterans.

Animal Relocation in Illinois

Some healthy animals may be relocated alive onto private lands with a good water supply and an abundance of the animal’s natural food. For instance, this means that relocation sites for flying squirrels must feature mature oak trees so that the squirrels can feed on their acorns and live in their hollow cavities.

Private landowners with suitable sites should volunteer their properties to receive relocated wildlife. All release sites must be on private lands within 40 miles of where the animals were captured to comply with state laws. Consideration must be taken not to exceed the natural carrying capacity of any piece of land. Consideration for the impact of released species on properties adjacent to the release site must be considered.

Since the State of Illinois authorizes only select species of wildlife to be released, and only onto private land within 40 miles of capture, ongoing effort must be made on the part of wildlife control organizations to secure new release sites through arrangement with private landowners. Unless landowners cooperate with the relocation of wildlife to their properties, species that are allowed by law to be released will not have accommodations available to them.

Private landowners who wish to offer their private lands for the release of relocated wildlife should contact us.

Without the hospitality that you offer to wildlife, reintroduction to their natural habitat would not be possible. Thank you for your support.

Pest Control Powered by Science

Landmark specializes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the control of insects and rodents with a commitment to avoid harm to the environment and human health.
As a research-based pest control firm, Landmark Pest Management uses scientific data, field research, and the biology of pest species to shape our green pest control practices.

Landmark’s modern pest control methods target pests at their source to reduce pesticide residues and control insects and rodents with the least possible harm to the environment or human health.

Studies conducted at the Department of Entomology at the University of North Carolina found that the IPM method generates significantly less pesticide residues and contamination of nontarget surfaces, and it is a viable and preferable alternative to old-fashioned pest control.

We move beyond pesticides to seal pests out and take proactive measures to prevent infestations by first relying on pesticide-free strategies designed to stop insects and rodents before they become a problem.

Landmark’s IPM allows for the use of pesticides as long as the following criteria are met:

  1. Pesticides must not be the default treatment or the first line of treatment for an insect or rodent problem.
  2. The removal of access to food, water, warmth, and harborage must be performed to reduce an overreliance on pesticides and rodenticides.
  3. Structural improvements such as sealing gaps, cracks, and crevices must be performed to reduce an overreliance on pesticides and rodenticides.
  4. When products need to be applied, the use of targeted applications such as bait gels and dusts applied to inaccessible wall voids must be the preferred method of application.
  5. The application of pesticides may take place only after every other economically feasible means of reducing pest damage has been employed.
  6. When a pesticide needs to be used, only the mildest available product may be applied, in the most targeted fashion possible, and in the lowest effective dose.
  7. With adequate correction of structural deficiencies and rodent trapping, most rodent problems should be able to be well controlled without the use of rodenticide baits. When rodenticide baits are used as a knock-down agent for the immediate control of severe rodent problems, structural exclusion and rodent trapping must take place in conjunction with their use to reduce an overreliance on rodenticides over time.

Landmark Solves Pest Problems and Prevents Future Problems

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