Pest Control

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Pest Control

Landmark’s Integrated Pest Management emphasizes the control of insects and rodents with a focus on environmental health and safety. It encourages chemical-free pest control measures such as structural exclusion, and habitat modification to control pests. Landmark’s targeted IPM methods reduce exposure to pesticides and are quickly replacing old-fashioned pesticide-centric pest control as the preferred, modern service. When pesticides are used, the mildest effective product is chosen and is applied the most targeted way at the lowest effective dosage.

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Complete Home Pest Control

Landmark’s Complete Home coverage includes over 40 species of insects, rodents and other pests all year long. If the species you’re searching for isn’t listed on our site, please call our office. If it’s native to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, we control it.


Landmark pinpoints the colony’s food, water, and harborage, identifies structural deficiencies, and seals up access points. Our green methodology utilizes baits tailored to the way ants feed. Our methods target the colony’s queen because without her the colony cannot survive.

Learn how Landmark makes the ants go marching.

Bed Bugs

Our treatment protocol is informed by the latest research from scientific studies and proven effective through private field research, the result of which is a success rate second to none. Rest assured, we stand behind our service with a 30-day guarantee so you won’t lose a moment of sleep.

Learn how Landmark puts bed bug problems to rest.

Bees – Wasps – Hornets

The best way to keep stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets from harming your family and pets is to prevent them from building their homes near your home. Landmark’s green methods prevent stinging insects from building their nests where you don’t want them.

Learn how Landmark prevents stinging insect nests.


Landmark’s technicians are specially trained to control cockroach infestations at their source. We first employ chemical-free measures such as barriers, screens, sealants, door sweeps, insect traps, vacuuming, sanitation and the removal of food and harborage. The judicious use of pesticides is a measure of last resort to make sure cockroaches are perfectly controlled.

Learn how Landmark eliminates cockroaches at their source.


Fleas are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of their host. Landmark Pest Management delivers complete flea control with green methods that reduce pesticide residues on non-target surfaces through Integrated Pest Management.

Learn how Landmark delivers whole home flea control.


Flies are more than a nuisance: Houseflies can carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have the capacity to cause antibiotic resistant illness. Landmark’s science-based Integrated Pest Management delivers methods drawn from cutting-edge research. Our technicians are equipped with modern, green methods that reduce reliance on pesticides.

Learn how Landmark controls flies.


In 2014, Illinois reported 44 human cases of West Nile Virus that resulted in four deaths. Mosquitoes commonly breed in slow moving streams, ditches, marshes, fish ponds, bird baths, old tires, and anything else that holds water. Landmark Pest Management controls mosquitoes in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs at their breeding source.

Learn how Landmark controls mosquitoes at their source.


When you have spiders in your home, it’s generally an indicator that another insect population needs to be controlled. After all, your fat spiders got that way by eating something that crawled into their path. Landmark Complete Home controls infesting species on which the spiders are feeding all year long.

Learn how Landmark controls spiders and eliminates unsightly webbing.


Landmark Pest Management solves rat and rodent problems in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our commitment to protecting the environment and human health and safety leads us to use the most modern methods drawn from science to control rodents.

Learn how Landmark seals rats out.


Mice enter homes through gaps around the foundation, and they can also climb to access higher entry points. Improperly flashed areas around the roof and soffit allow entry by mice and other pests.

Learn how Landmark seals mice out.

Protecting Pollinators

One of the most important aspects of responsible pest management is the ability to determine friend from foe. All of our treatments are designed to support the lifecycle of, and avoid harm to pollinators like honeybees and butterflies. Mosquito treatments that are likely to harm dragonflies and pollinators are specifically not performed by our firm. This is one part of the Landmark Difference.

Click here to learn more about the Landmark Difference.

Illinois Insect Identification

Our entomologists and insect experts are standing by to identify insects and other pests. Please email photos of insects in Illinois that you would like to have identified to help@landmarkpest.com. We will identify the species and respond to you the same day.