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If you wait until you have a pest problem, it’s already too late.

Mice pose a fire hazard, because they chew on wires, and they cause additional damage because their urine can leave an unpleasant odor throughout your home that never goes away.

Carpenter ants damage wood. Before they are noticed, they can cause significant damage to beams and underlying structures. Other insects spread disease, ruin food, and contribute to allergies and asthma.

Landmark’s Complete Home Care program proactively protects your home. We monitor for pests, treat pests in and around your home, and prevent other pests from entering. With Complete Home Care, you can enjoy a pest-free home all year long without worrying about stinging insects, ants, mice, or over 40 other covered species.

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Proactive Warrantied Pest Protection

Your home is your largest investment. Landmark’s year-round protection shields your home from invading insect and rodent species. Landmark Complete Home Care is a proactive approach to pest control that treats over 40 different species of insects and rodents including:

Crawling Insects:

Carpenter ants
Pavement ants
Odorous House ants
Pharaoh ants
Crazy ants
House crickets
Camel crickets
Sow bugs
Pill bugs

Ground beetles
Clover mites

Flying Insects:

House flies
Fruit flies
Drain flies
Polistes wasps
Bumble bees
Bald-faced hornets
Carpenter bees

Blood Feeders:


Product Pests:

Indian Meal moths
Red Flour beetles
Confused Flour beetles
Sawtoothed grain beetles



Complete Home Care Service Includes:

  • Comprehensive interior and exterior quarterly inspections
  • Perimeter treatments that form an invisible barrier to repel and control crawling insects, like ants and house centipedes. 
  • Stinging insect nest prevention treatment for bees, wasps, and hornets
  • Indoor and outdoor spider web removal
  • Mouse monitoring system to control mice

Only the species listed above are included. All other species are specifically excluded. Excluded species include but are not limited to: Lice, Bed bugs, wildlife, Honey bees, and brown recluse and black widow spiders.


  1. Only the species listed above are included. All other species are specifically excluded. Excluded species include but are not limited to: Lice, bed bugs, wildlife, honey bees, and *brown recluse and black widow spiders.
  2. If a rodent infestation is identified during inspection, a Wildlife Inspector will visit at no charge to evaluate the level of infestation and discuss a treatment plan.

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