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Take Back Your Backyard and Keep Ticks from Coming Back

Landmark’s professional-grade tick control treatments target the places where ticks hide in your yard. Informed by science, our methods kill ticks on contact with residual action that keeps working to repel future ticks. Landmark’s treatments help control tough tick problems so you can enjoy the outdoors again.


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Enjoy the Outdoors Without Ticks

Some yards are prone to the presence of ticks. When properties back up to a forested area, or wild animals like rabbits and deer frequently cross the property, ticks can be more than merely a nuisance, they can be a health hazard to both people and pets.

Ticks fall off of wild animals and look for new hosts in your yard. They cling to blades of grass and other foliage until a person or pet walks by, and then they grab on to your family member or pet. Landmark’s team of experts will restore your peace of mind by treating your yard for ticks.

Tick-Borne Diseases in Illinois

In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control announced that Illinois had the 16th highest number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease in the United States. Lyme disease infection can have serious consequences for both people and dogs, and the instances of infection are increasing. Tick treatment should be performed to protect the homeowners and pets in any yard in which ticks are found.

Barrier Treatments to Protect Homes, Patios, and Yards

Tick barrier treatments are effective to control tick populations. Landmark’s treatments kill ticks on contact, reduce the places where ticks can hide, and leave a residual protection that repels ticks from returning.

Single visit barrier treatments are a great choice to protect your yard for a special event, while economical half-season and full-season plans are the best choice to protect your yard all season long.

Whether you’re hosting a cookout, concert, camp, or other special event, a tick treatment will provide an invisible fence around your property to keep your family safe and happy. Call now to enjoy your yard again.


Pest Control Powered by Science

Landmark’s team of scientists provide powerful tick pest control that is approved for use at homes with children and pets.

  • Tick control programs for homeowners who love their dogs and don’t want them to get bitten by ticks
  • Nontoxic, odor-free, and chemical-free products are a part of our Integrated Pest Management methods
  • Tick control that lets you enjoy your yard again
  • All of our products are approved for use on properties with children and pets


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