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Keep Woodchucks from Coming Back with Expertly-Installed Animal Proofing

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Keep Woodchucks Out

Woodchucks are skilled diggers, capable of quickly excavating under a home’s foundation, stoops, stairs, decks, and sheds. Woodchucks living near structures can lead to an infestation of fleas and ticks. If a curious dog comes between a mother woodchuck and her young, the dog could receive a painful bite. The best way to keep woodchucks from damaging your property is to install animal-proof barriers to ensure that woodchucks cannot dig burrows nearby.

Landmark Pest Management is a company of scientists. We use the science of the way woodchucks live, breed, and feed to ensure that they are excluded from human-occupied areas. Our structural exclusion experts install steel barriers that keep woodchucks from burrowing around structures.

  • Install underground barriers to prevent woodchucks from burrowing
  • Prevent woodchucks from getting underneath homes using animal-proof steel
  • Keep woodchucks from digging under porches and stairs using woodchuck-proof materials
  • Deliver peace of mind by sealing woodchucks out from stoops, decks, and patios

Woodchucks have their place in nature, not under your house.


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What Can I Do If There’s a Woodchuck Under My House?

After a woodchuck tunnels under your property, their empty burrows can become home for other woodchucks or other wildlife. Anyone who has had the misfortune of having woodchucks on their property would never want to repeat the experience.

The most important step in keeping future wildlife issues from occurring is to use animal-proof barriers designed to seal woodchucks out. Landmark’s biologists and woodchuck exclusion experts will create a system of underground barriers around your home. Made of animal-proof steel and warrantied against future woodchuck intrusion, the barrier is installed deep enough that you’ll no longer have to worry about animals burrowing under your home. Since 1976, Landmark has protected properties just like yours by humanely excluding woodchucks and other wildlife, allowing you to live in harmony with the wildlife around you.

Don’t let Woodchucks continue to make your home their den.


What is a Barricade-Style Trap Set for Woodchucks?

Landmark is a team of scientists dedicated to humanely mitigating the risks caused by human-wildlife conflict. For over 40 years we have perfected the best methods for keeping woodchucks from returning year after year. The best long-term results occur when, in addition to humane trapping, a plan has been made to also exclude woodchucks from the structure. In these instances, we use a special humane trapping method called a barricade-style trap.


This comprehensive process includes:

  • A trench is dug around the structure so that animal-proof steel can be installed
  • The opening to the woodchuck burrow is left unsealed
  • A humane woodchuck trap is installed at the entrance to the burrow and tightly affixed to the animal-proof steel so that the woodchuck must enter the trap.
  • After the woodchuck has been removed, the burrow is sealed and the underground animal-proof barrier is completed

This process has many benefits for homeowners. Installing this underground barrier creates a long-term solution that prevents woodchucks and other wildlife issues from recurring. Wildlife issues will be solved more quickly while preventing the capture of non-target animals, since only those animals living under the home will be able to enter the trap. Furthermore, since the barricade method prevents other animals from creating additional nuisances that require further trapping, this method is the most humane long-term solution.

Get Rid of the Woodchuck Smell

After a woodchuck is removed, their odor can linger. We apply a natural enzyme to dissolve the biological solids and help neutralize the unpleasant smell.

Pest Control for Woodchuck Parasites

Woodchucks can carry fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites, and when the woodchucks are removed, their parasites can remain and migrate to other parts of the building in search of a new host. We apply treatments to help control these pests.

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Don’t let woodchucks eat the vegetables in your garden, risk the health and safety of your family and pets, or ruin your enjoyment of your yard. Contact our experts to seal woodchucks out and restore your peace of mind.

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Landmark’s Certified Experts Humanely Prevent Woodchucks From Returning

When woodchucks invade your home, we make solving your woodchuck issue and woodchuck proofing your property against future woodchuck issues simple.

Expert Staff

Landmark’s technicians are individually licensed and state certified in nuisance wildlife control to humanely trap and remove animals from your home or property. Our staff undergoes special training to learn our proprietary methods to seal woodchucks out.

Scientific Techniques

Landmark Pest Management is a team of scientists. Our team of biologists uses the science of how woodchucks behave to humanely exclude them from structures. We get the job done quickly and get the job done right to keep your family safe.

Comprehensive Service

After the woodchucks are humanely removed, our structural exclusion experts install woodchuck-proof materials that permanently seal woodchucks out from under your home, stoop, stairs, deck, or shed.

Enjoy A Woodchuck-Free Home

Woodchucks have their place in nature, not under your house. Call today to schedule a free inspection with our woodchuck-proofing specialists.


Protect your property and your health from any wildlife or pests. Our experts are trained to give you peace of mind.