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Landmark protects your reputation, the welfare of your customers, the health of your employees, and the integrity of the products you sell. Your facility is built on the strength of your brand. Beyond brick and mortar, it’s a Landmark.

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Regulatory Compliance

Landmark ensures compliance with food safety audits, government regulations, and GFSI and FSMA guidelines. Whatever your site’s requirements, Landmark tailors every Integrated Pest Management program to your unique auditing criteria so that your facility is inspection-ready.

Landmark’s Integrated Pest Management program reduces reliance on pesticides by delivering research-based green technologies and targeted methods that remove what pests need to survive; access to food, water, warmth, and harborage. We first employ pesticide-free methods such as insect traps, light traps, air curtains, structural exclusion, and habitat modification. Preferred green methods include natural products such as silica, dust formulations applied to inaccessible wall voids, and targeted bait gels applied to cracks-and-crevices.

Landmark ensures a clean, pest-free environment with 24-hour monitoring designed to catch emerging issues before they become a problem. We identify operational deficiencies within your facility including cleaning practices, trash removal, condensation areas, and the buildup of organic debris, and create recommendations that you can implement to eliminate conditions that support pests.

Having even a single fly in your facility is unacceptable. That’s why Landmark’s exterior protection goes beyond the basics to include treatment of loading docks and garbage compactor areas to control flies where they rest.

We look for areas that are vulnerable to pest intrusion, identify and prevent breeding sites, and inspect source locations including kitchens, employee break rooms and drains. Our detailed reporting helps you streamline processes and make maintenance improvements.

Seal Pests Out

The best way to prevent infestation is to keep pests from entering in the first place. Landmark’s gap seal service permanently closes your structure’s most vulnerable points. Our work is fully warrantied against workmanship or material defects.

Preparing Your Staff

Every program includes training regarding best practices for containment and response when pests infiltrate. We provide training materials and conduct education sessions so that your staff will have lean, systematic processes in place when pest issues arise. This includes teaching your staff not to chase birds that enter your warehouse or food manufacturing facility, because this makes the birds frightened of humans and more difficult to remove.

Detailed Reporting

Landmark furnishes detailed analysis of sanitation conditions, opportunities to correct structural deficiencies, and practices that can be undertaken to reduce pest harborage. We utilize the latest in pest control technologies that increase treatment accuracy.

Emergency Response

We have experience working in clean facilities where the presence of a single sparrow at the time of inspection could shut down a line. If you need a biologist in the middle of the night, our discrete rapid response can have a technician to you in as little as one hour. We respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Nuts About Pest Management

We admit it. We’re more than a little crazy about safety. It’s the reason why protecting public health by engineering the ecology of your building is our mission. Did you know that nut products are used in many pest control formulations? Because of the growing prevalence of nut allergies and sensitivities, all Landmark treatments are peanut and tree nut-free.