Pest Control for Spiders

When you have spiders in and around your home, Landmark removes unsightly webs and applies effective treatments.

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Control Spiders in and Around Your Home

Spiders are natural predators of insect pests, so when insects invade your home, spider populations can grow quickly. An old-fashioned pesticide-centric approach to spiders is ineffective. That’s why Landmark’s Complete Home Care is the most effective way to treat spiders.

Each service includes removal of unsightly webs inside and outside your home. Then, we apply residual treatments that eliminate the insects upon which the spiders feed. Fewer insects for spiders to feed upon means fewer spiders in and around your home. It’s science.


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Is This Spider Dangerous?

There are only two dangerous spiders found in Illinois, the Northern black widow and the Brown recluse. Luckily, encountering the Northern black widow in the Chicago Region is exceedingly rare, and the Brown recluse is not found here. While the Brown recluse is not native to the Chicago Region, it is found in the central and southern parts of the state. Experts predict that climate change may bring the species north in the future.

One of the spider species that strikes panic among homeowners is the Wolf spider. This large spider is often mistaken for a tarantula, and while it can inflict a bite if accidentally squeezed or stepped on, Wolf spiders are generally considered harmless.

For most people, the bites of spiders found in the Chicago Region are not medically significant, but bites can be dangerous for people with rare, serious allergies.


What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Spiders?

Spiders are predators that feed on other house-infesting insects. The best way to prevent spiders is to control the insects they feed upon. In one study, when researchers observed a single spider’s feeding patterns in a home for 11 consecutive nights, they saw it consume 72 insects, including ants, cockroaches, and other pest species.

Landmark’s Complete Home Care reduces infesting insects to reduce spider populations. Additionally, Complete Home Care customers enjoy complimentary spider web removal service on the interior and exterior of their home.

Don’t Let Spiders Ruin the Enjoyment of Your Home.


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