When you have spiders in your home, it’s generally an indicator that another insect population needs to be controlled. After all, your fat spiders got that way by eating something that crawled into their path. Landmark Complete Home controls infesting species on which the spiders are feeding all year long. Complete Home customers enjoy complimentary spider knock down and the removal of unsightly webbing.

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While for most of us the bites of spiders found in the Chicago Region are not a threat; they can be dangerous for people with rare, serious allergies. Fortunately, spiders rarely initiate bites.

There are only two dangerous spiders found in Illinois, the Northern Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Luckily, encountering the Northern Black Widow in the Chicago Region is uncommon, and the Brown Recluse is not found here. While the Brown Recluse is not native to the Chicago Region, it is found in the central and southern parts of our state, and experts predict that climate change will bring the species into Chicago and the surrounding suburbs in decades to come.

One of the spider species that most strikes panic in homeowners is the Wolf Spider. This large species is often mistaken for a tarantula, and while it can inflict a bite if accidentally squeezed or stepped on, Wolf Spiders generally avoid contact with humans.

Spiders are natural enemies of insect pests and they are predators of house-infesting insects. When researchers observed a single spider’s feeding patterns in a home for 11 consecutive nights, they saw it consume 72 insects, including ants, cockroaches, springtails and other species.

While some species of spiders can infest homes, most spiders found in homes are incidental invaders that wandered in and their populations don’t typically reach troublesome levels. When a true infestation is suspected, Landmark Pest Management controls spiders without an overreliance on pesticides by first employing natural and pesticide-free methods, such as traps and monitoring, and relying on targeted applications of effective EPA approved products applied to the cracks and crevices where spiders hide. Landmark’s commitment to health and sustainability means that when a product is needed, we employ the best-chosen material, most precise application, and minimum quantity necessary.

Do you want to identify a spider found in Illinois? Click to view a field guide to Common Spiders of the Chicago Region.