Bed Bug Treatment in Chicagoland

Landmark works with homeowners and building managers to identify and discreetly get rid of Bed bug infestations. It’s our specialty.

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Environmentally-Friendly Bed Bug Extermination

All of our treatments are approved for use in homes with children and pets.

Our team of scientists uses the results of field trials and proprietary innovations to create effective treatment plans to eliminate Bed bugs. We are Bed bug treatment specialists and are experts in solving the hardest to solve cases.

  • Our professional-grade treatments have residual action to keep working for weeks after they’re applied
  • We treat wall voids and other places Bed bugs hide to make sure that even hidden Bed bugs are gone
  • We have effective adjunct treatment options to increase success, including nontoxic treatments that use Beauveria bassiana fungal spores to eradicate Bed bugs
  • We use pheromone-based, nontoxic monitors to make sure your problem is solved
  • When needed, we offer Bed bug scent detection canine teams with certified Bed bug-sniffing dogs and experienced handlers to inspect offices and hotels
  • We use advanced technology to swab for Bed bug DNA in instances when a tenant believes that they are being bitten by Bed bugs or mites, yet no evidence of infestation is found

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The Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Landmark uses the science of how Bed bugs live, breed, and feed to control them quickly and effectively. Our team is led by scientists who specialize in Bed bug extermination for hotels, offices, managed properties, and private homes.

  • Bed bug dog inspection with certified scent-detection canines
  • Residual Bed bug treatments that keep working to kill Bed bugs after they hatch
  • Visual inspections to identify the signs that Bed bugs leave behind including blood stains, fecal stains, eggs, and cast skins
  • Nontoxic pheromone Bed bug monitoring
  • Nontoxic Bed bug treatment using fungal-derived Beauveria bassiana spores


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How Can I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

While every life stage of the Bed bug is visible to the naked eye, Bed bugs can be difficult to spot because they are skilled at hiding away. However, the clues they leave behind, including blood stains, fecal stains, eggs, and cast skins, are proof that Bed bugs are present. Landmark’s team is specially trained to identify these clues to confirm whether or not you have Bed bugs.


Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs hide in small cracks and crevices near their food source, which is sleeping or sedentary people. When infestations are small, Bed bugs are generally found only in bedrooms and in sofas, but as infestations grow, Bed bugs can spread throughout a residence to be found in other areas. Areas where Bed bug infestations are commonly found include:

  • Behind the headboard of the bed
  • Underneath the box spring
  • At junction points or screw holes in the bed frame
  • Around the seams of the mattress, beneath the mattress tag, and anywhere handles or ventilation ports connect to the mattress
  • The electrical outlet closest to the bed
  • Behind picture frames and within nightstands or items stored on nightstands
  • Underneath the baseboard closest to the bed
  • In the living room sofa, especially along zippers and seams

I Found a Bed Bug, Now What?

If you find an insect that you think might be a Bed bug, the next step is for one of our professionals to identify the insect to confirm that it is, in fact, a Bed bug. Place the bug in a sealed plastic bag, or put it on some sticky tape. Shoot a photo of the insect and email it to One of our team members will get back to you quickly to let you know what insect you have and contact you to schedule your treatment right away.

How Are Bed Bugs Treated?

First we perform a thorough inspection to determine whether Bed bugs are present. If Bed bugs are found, we perform a treatment that has a residual action and keeps working for weeks following the treatment application. Since Bed bug eggs are impermeable to treatment, we will return to apply two more treatments to account for the life cycle of any newly hatched Bed bugs. Nontoxic pheromone monitors are an important part of the treatment process, because they offer you the peace of mind to know that your home is Bed bug free.


Here is the Process Involved in Solving a Bed Bug Problem:

  1. Call our experts to request service, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away
  2. We’ll send you some easy-to-follow instructions to prepare for the visit
  3. The Bed bug expert will inspect your home and perform the first treatment, if Bed bugs are found
  4. Our team will treat the areas in which Bed bugs are found, and the areas where Bed bugs commonly hide, including the wall voids and behind the outlet covers closest to your bed
  5. Your home will receive three treatments to account for the Bed bugs’ life cycle followed by the installation of nontoxic, pheromone-based Bed bug monitors

Effective Bed Bug Treatment in Chicagoland

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Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control

Nontoxic Bed bug control products that kill Bed bugs quickly.


Bed Bug Pest Control with Your Safety in Mind

Our products can be applied to homes with children and pets.


Professional-Strength Treatment

Effective residual treatment keeps working to kill new Bed bugs when they hatch.


Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs — Even the Most Affluent Homes

While Bed bugs are more common in multi-unit housing, because they can spread from unit to unit through the wall voids and underneath the doors in the hallways, single family homes, and homes in the most affluent towns have their share of Bed bug infestations as well.

Bed bugs are an increasingly common problem in the Chicago suburbs. Many of our clients are surprised to find Bed bugs in their homes, because they didn’t know that they had any risk factors for acquiring Bed bugs. Some of the ways that our suburban clients acquired their Bed bug infestations might surprise you.

You may have some of the same risk factors at your home.

  • Bed bugs arrived with babysitters, housekeepers, or other people who work in the home
  • An overnight guest, visiting relative, or a child’s sleepover guest brought them
  • Bed bugs arrived with a portable oxygen generator, hospital-style bed, or other medical equipment delivered by a company that rents out medical equipment
  • A family member acquired them during a hospitalization or time spent recovering in a rehabilitation facility
  • A gym bag became infested from being stored inside of a gym locker room for an extended period of time
  • A used item, such as a radio, window air conditioner unit, a fan, or a piece of used furniture, or used fitness equipment purchased at a second hand store or rummage sale contained Bed bugs


Bed Bug Control Powered by Science

Bed bugs differ in their behavior, habits, and biology and each species requires a different type of treatment.


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