Keep Opossums From Living Under Your Home

Opossums want to make your home their den. We’ll protect your home to keep opossums out.

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Local Humane Opossum-Proofing Specialists Since 1976

Landmark removes opossums and keeps them from returning by installing humane, opossum-proof barriers designed with your health and safety in mind.

Opossums burrow under stoops, decks, stairs and sheds. With 50 teeth, they can deliver a painful bite when attacked by an overzealous dog. Opossums can carry ticks, fleas, and other parasites, and their burrows can have a foul odor. We prevent opossums from burrowing on or near your property. Landmark’s humane exclusion experts:

  • Keep opossums from burrowing under homes and patios by eliminating access with animal-proof steel
  • Install opossum-proof materials to seal opossums out from from living under porches, stairs, stoops, and decks
  • Deliver peace of mind

Opossums have their place in nature, not under your house.


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How Can I Get Rid of Opossums?

After we humanely remove the opossums living on your property, other types of animals and additional opossums will take advantage of their empty burrows. Unless your home is animal proofed, you’ll soon have wildlife living under your house again.

Landmark’s biologists are experts at humanely removing opossums and excluding them so that they can’t return. Our specialists will install an underground barrier made of animal-proof steel around your home, deck, shed, porch or other opossum-prone area to keep opossums, and other unwanted wildlife, from living under your home.

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What is a Barricade-Style Trap Set for Opossums?

Landmark is a team of scientists dedicated to humanely mitigating the risks caused by human-wildlife conflict. For over 40 years we have perfected the best methods for keeping opossums from returning year after year. The best long-term results occur when, in addition to humane trapping, a plan has been made to also exclude opossums from the structure. In these instances, we use a special humane trapping method called a barricade-style trap. This comprehensive process includes:

  • A trench is dug around the structure so that animal-proof steel can be installed
  • The opening to the opossum burrow is left unsealed
  • A humane opossum trap is installed at the entrance to the burrow and tightly affixed to the animal proof steel so that the opossum must enter the trap.
  • After the opossum has been removed, the burrow is sealed and the underground animal-proof barrier is completed.

This process has many benefits for homeowners. Installing this underground barrier creates a long-term solution that prevents opossums and other wildlife issues from recurring. Wildlife issues will be solved more quickly while preventing the capture of non-target animals since only those animals living under the home will be able to enter the trap. Furthermore, since the barricade method prevents other animals from creating additional nuisances that require further trapping, this method is the most humane long-term solution.


Expertly Installed Animal Proofing for an Opossum-Proof Deck, Shed, Stoop and Foundation

Instead of digging new burrows, opossums rely on the burrows created by other wildlife such as skunks, foxes or woodchucks. Unless a home is animal proofed after one of these other animals have created a den, then an opossum may become the next uninvited guest. We install underground barriers made from animal-proof steel to prevent nuisance wildlife from denning on your property. Whether you call them possums, or opossums, we keep them out.


Why Do Opossums Sometimes Die in Their Burrows?

Opossums aren’t skilled at avoiding predators and cars because they don’t see very well. Oftentimes when an opossum is injured it returns to its den. Removing a deceased opossum from its den is challenging, and requires excavation to remove the body. To avoid this, homeowners in opossum-prone areas choose to animal-proof their home to prevent the extra expense of removing dead animals from under their home.

Get Rid of the Opossum Smell

After an opossum is removed, their odor can linger. We apply a natural enzyme to remove the biological solids and help neutralize the unpleasant smell.

Pest Control for Opossum Parasites

Opossums can carry fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites, and when the opossums are removed, their parasites can remain and migrate to other parts of the building in search of a new host. We apply treatments to help control these pests.

Landmark Humanely Prevents Opossums From Returning

When opossums invade your property, we make solving your opossum issue and opossum proofing your property simple.

Expert Staff

Each of our individually licensed, state-certified wildlife control experts are specially trained to humanely manage your opossum problem. Our in-depth classroom and on-the-job training ensure that our team members are well versed in offering long-term solutions to nuisance wildlife problems.

Scientific Techniques

We are a team of scientists. Our biologists have used the science of how opossums live, breed, and feed, to keep homes and families safe for over 40 years.

Comprehensive Service

Our team of structural exclusion experts protect foundations, decks, stoops, stairs, and sheds with opossum-proof materials opossums cannot burrow under.

Enjoy an Opossum-Free Home

Opossums have their place in nature, not under your home. Call today to schedule an inspection with an opossum-proofing specialist.


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