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Opossums generally don’t dig their own dens. They live in dens left by other animals, or inside of hollow spaces beneath stoops, decks, sheds, or stairs. When an opossum makes its den under your stoop, the den is stinky, and the opossum can spread fleas to your pet.

Landmark Pest Management helps homeowners by humanely removing opossums and repairing the damage they leave behind.

  • Humanely remove opossums from under decks, stoops, stairs, and sheds
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors and fleas by removing opossums from under your house
  • Install barriers to prevent opossums from coming back
  • Deliver peace of mind

Opossums have their place in nature, not under your house. 


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What Happens When There’s an Opossum Under My House?

Opossums are docile and slow moving, and they are not aggressive toward dogs. However, opossums can inflict a dangerous defensive bite if your dog attacks an opossum. Opossums also carry fleas, and their burrows attract flies and other insects. Having an opossum under your house can be a smelly nuisance.


Landmark’s Experts Humanely Trap Opossums

Our highly trained professional technicians solve any wildlife problem, including opossums, when wildlife causes damage to property or threatens human health and safety or the safety of your pets.

Expert Staff

Each of our technicians is state-certified. They are individually licensed to humanely trap and remove opossums from your property.

Scientific Techniques

Our team of biologists uses modern techniques to humanely capture and remove opossums. They get the job done quickly and get the job done right to keep your family safe.

Comprehensive Service

Once the opossums are removed from your property, our team of structural exclusion experts uses animal-proof materials to seal opossums out from under your home, stoop, stairs, deck, or shed.

Best Opossum Removal and Prevention in Chicagoland

Get them out. Keep them out. Get your life back.

Humane Trapping

Efficient and humane trapping methods with respect for wildlife.


Damage Repair

Eliminate health hazards and get life back to normal.


Sealing Opossums Out and Preventing Them from Returning

Opossums want to come back. We’ll make sure they can’t.


Which is Correct, Opossum or Possum?

You can say possum or opossum because both correctly refer to the Virginia opossum, which is the species found in Illinois. While the scientific community uses the word opossum, the Merriam-Webster dictionary says that either spelling and pronunciation is acceptable.

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