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Insects and rodents can invade your home throughout the year. Landmark’s year round protection shields your home from over 40 different invading insect and rodent species.

About The Landmark Pest Management Difference

Pest Control
Powered by Science

As a research-based pest control firm, Landmark Pest Management uses scientific data and the results of field tests to inform our green pest control practices. Landmark’s Integrated Pest Management program seals pests out and prevents infestations by first relying on pesticide-free strategies designed to stop insects and rodents before they become a problem.


The Landmark Difference

Landmark Pest Management specializes in Integrated Pest Management for the control of insects and rodents with a commitment to avoid harm to the environment and human health. We encourage chemical-free pest control measures such as barriers, screens, sealants, door sweeps, pheromone traps, insect traps, vacuuming, sanitation and the removal of food and harborage as first measures before turning to products that carry warnings of any kind.


In The Words of Our Clients

“Our department appreciates Landmark’s proactive, conservative approach and has found their firm to be unfailingly responsive and professional.”
Ronald P.
“This company has been excellent with their consultations and the treatment of infestations. The staff is very knowledgeable of the science of eliminating pests. I would recommend them to anyone facing this problem. They are very thorough, sensitive and discrete.”
Shakita J.
“I found Landmark to be knowledgeable and professional. The written plan they submitted was excellent, and their staff have been prompt, professional and responsive.”
Cedric C.
“Our organization appreciates Landmark’s reduced use of pesticides and their focus on structural exclusion and barriers.”
Timothy P.
“We have been consistently pleased with Landmark’s courteous staff, quick response time, and quality workmanship.”
Donna P.

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