Pigeon Removal and Pigeon Exclusion in Chicago

Keep pigeons away with pigeon netting, bird spikes, post-and-wire systems, and other pigeon abatement systems.

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Landmark Humanely Solves Pigeon Problems

When pigeons establish a colony, they can be extremely difficult to remove. Their nesting and droppings can harbor parasites and disease, and their guano is a slip and fall hazard. Since 1976, Landmark’s experts have been Illinois’ premiere expert at resolving pigeon problems by humanely removing the birds, cleaning the contamination they leave behind, and installing systems that keep structures safe and clean from future pigeon infestation.

  • Humane removal of pigeons and other birds from infrastructure and buildings
  • Bird control at airports, food plants, and food manufacturing facilities
  • Humane bird removal from stores
  • Custom engineering of bird netting to exclude pigeons from lightwells
  • Removal and remediation of pigeon droppings and nesting material to eliminate health hazards
  • Installation of barriers that prevent pigeons from returning
  • Deliver peace of mind


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How Do Pigeons Damage Buildings and Infrastructure?

When a pigeon colony invades a building or roosts within infrastructure, their droppings, known as guano, begin to accumulate in large piles. The guano harbors disease including Histoplasmosis, a fungal lung disease that can be deadly to humans. When the guano gets wet, its acidity is powerful enough to corrode steel, leading to structural failures in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

Our team of certified pigeon exclusion experts and wildlife biologists design and install custom solutions that protect structures by humanely excluding access by pigeons. We remediate the contamination left behind to protect your reputation and the health and safety of your workers and clients. Our custom work includes:

  • Pigeon netting to protect airplane hangers, warehouses, and food plants
  • Vibration-proof pigeon control for bridges, railroad, highway and other infrastructure
  • Pigeon control for signs and entrances of restaurants, stores, and malls
  • Humane bird removal when birds are found inside of buildings
  • Emergency bird removal service


Landmark’s Certified Experts Get Rid of Pigeons for Good

We perform more pigeon control work than anyone else, and specialize in difficult-to-solve pigeon problems. Our biologists and engineers will design a solution to keep pigeons from threatening the health and safety of your stakeholders.

Knowledgeable Staff

Every one of our state-certified wildlife technicians undergo extensive training before receiving their certification in humane wildlife control.

Scientific Techniques

We pride ourselves on using the latest science to get the job done effectively and keep the public safe.

Comprehensive Service

Your pigeon problem doesn’t end when the pigeons leave. Structural damage, waste, and hidden entrances can keep them coming back. We work with you until the problem is fully solved by removing the contamination, repairing the damage that they leave behind, and sealing the entry points.

Get Rid of Pigeons Permanently

Our team expertly excludes nuisance birds, including pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

Electrified Track for Pigeons and Pest Birds

This bird deterrent product emits a mild and humane tingling effect.

Bird Netting to Keep Pigeons and All Birds Out

Pigeon netting is a humane and effective way to exclude birds from structures.

Post-and-Wire Systems

Tensioned wire mounted on small posts prevents pigeons from perching and landing.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes keep birds from perching and nesting.

Comprehensive Pigeon Abatement and Exclusion in Chicago and Illinois

Get them out. Keep them out. Get your life back.

Humane Removal

Pigeon exclusion methods show a respect for wildlife.

Get Animals Out

Damage Remediation

Eliminate health hazards and get operations back to normal.

Repair Animal Damage

Prevention and Permanent Exclusion

Pigeons want to come back. We’ll make sure they can’t.

Keep Animals Out

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