Pest Control for Churches, Synagogues and Other Houses of Worship

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For over 40 years, Landmark Pest Management has protected synagogues, churches, and temples of all faiths from pest damage. Wildlife can undermine the integrity of buildings, mice cause fires by chewing through wires, and insect pests expose visitors to a multitude of diseases. Landmark protects your community with comprehensive wildlife and insect pest control to ensure that your building and grounds are safe for your community.

School Pest Control

We are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of students and serve more schools than any other pest control firm in Illinois.

Each Integrated Pest Management program is tailored to reduce reliance on pesticides, with 24-hour monitoring designed to catch emerging issues before they become a problem. When pests are detected, we communicate across stakeholders to treat pests at their source and seal them out. The result is a clean, pest-free environment where students can focus on their studies, not pests.

Seal Mice Out

Mice can enter through holes as small as a ¼ inch, and they carry diseases that put your business at risk of failing inspections. Landmark performs comprehensive inspections to identify the signs that mice leave behind. We work with you to eliminate the sanitation issues caused by rodents. We locate every hole where pests enter and seal them out to ensure you’ll be inspection ready.

You’re covered 24/7/365

Landmark’s Integrated Pest Management program reduces reliance on pesticides by delivering research-based green technologies and targeted methods that eliminate what pests need to survive.

We ensure a clean, pest-free environment with 24-hour monitoring designed to detect emerging issues before they become a problem. If you need a biologist in the middle of the night, our discrete rapid response can have a technician to you in as little as one hour. We respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Detailed Reporting to Improve Operations

Each report contains a detailed analysis of sanitation conditions, structural deficiencies, and practices that can be undertaken to reduce pests. We identify conditions that support pests including cleaning practices, trash removal, condensation areas, and organic debris. Then, we partner with you to eliminate the conditions that support pests.

Humane Bat Removal and Exclusion

Since bat colonies may be present in an attic or wall void for years before they are detected, anytime one bat is found in your building it is important to check for the presence of a colony.

Landmark’s urban wildlife managers are certified in bat colony remediation and the humane control of bats. A bat can enter through any gap as small as a dime. We identify all of the holes through which bats can enter, then we install one-way doors called excluders that allow the bats to leave, but not return. Once the bats are out, gaps are sealed and structural deficiencies are corrected to prevent bats from returning.

Research indicates that wild bat populations living in caves have a low occurrence of rabies, with 1 out of 1000 (0.1%) being infected. Bats that are found behaving abnormally, such as entering human-occupied spaces, fluttering around on the ground, or initiating contact with people, have a much higher incidence of rabies, with up to 5 percent being infected.

Bats are Illinois’ top rabies carrier, so their presence must be taken seriously. If anyone could have been exposed to a bat, it must be sent for rabies testing. We coordinate with all relevant public health agencies to test any bats we capture that are suspected of having had contact with humans or pets.

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