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Your home is your largest investment. As insects can be disease vectors and generators of allergens, it is important to manage them. Landmark Complete Home year round protection engineers the ecology of your home in every season.

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À la carte pest control can be frustrating. Homeowners are always responding to something new either crawling, flying or burrowing in. Pests within homes are diverse and prevalent, including rodents, insects and spiders. A recent scientific study revealed that the 12 most common insects are found in 80 percent of homes. Once one species of insect is treated, another species will hatch out.

Landmark Complete Home is a proactive Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control that monitors and guarantees against over 40 different species of insects and rodents all year round, including:

Crawling Insects:
Carpenter Ants
Pavement Ants
Odorous House Ants
Pharaoh Ants
Crazy Ants
German Cockroaches
Oriental Cockroaches
American Cockroaches
Wood Cockroaches
Brown Banded Cockroaches
House Crickets
Camel Crickets
Sow Bugs
Pill Bugs

Ground Beetles
Clover Mites

Flying Insects:
House Flies
Fruit Flies
Drain Flies
Polistes Paper Wasps
Yellow Jackets
Bumble Bees
Bald-faced Hornets
Carpenter Bees

Blood Feeders

Product Pests:
Indian Meal Moths
Red Flour Beetles
Confused Flour Beetles
Sawtoothed Grain Beetles


Landmark inspects your home, checks for signs of insect and rodent activity and replenishes monitors on each visit. We treat for stinging insects, ants that damage wood, and monitor for rodents that gnaw and damage insulation to help protect your home, family, guests and pets.

Each Service Includes:

  • Detailed inspection of property inside and out to identify conditions conducive to pest activity
  • 3-season perimeter insect barrier treatment
  • Residual stinging insect treatment applied to 1st story eaves
  • Non-toxic rodent monitoring stations
  • Removal of interior and exterior spider webs
  • Baiting for any pests warrantied
  • Removal of active stinging insect nests under eaves
  • Treatment for any pests warrantied

Rodents are at their worst during Chicago winters

Houses offer warmth, shelter, and access to food and water during winter months. Landmark’s Complete Home provides year round mouse protection.

Mice produce up to 10 litters per year of five to six young. Since it only takes six weeks for newborns to have litters of their own, a very small number of mice can quickly escalate into a huge infestation. Landmark Complete Home includes thorough inspections for indications of rodent activity during every visit. Our nontoxic rodent monitoring technology reduces reliance on rodenticides and identifies mouse activity before your unwanted guests get out of control.

Mice can enter through a gap smaller than a dime. Once inside, they infest attics and walls, ruining insulation with the musty odors caused by their urine and feces that can harbor diseases transmissible to humans including salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Landmark Complete Home provides early detection of mouse issues to protect your most valuable investments, the health and security of your home and family.

Do Chicago Homeowners Have Insects in the winter?

Winter is an important time for an insect inspection. For many species, the adults mate in the fall and they deposit their eggs in cracks and crevices in and around your home to overwinter. The eggs remain alive in a state of near hibernation waiting for favorable environmental conditions so that they can reactivate their development and eventually emerge in the spring. It’s during this dormancy period that we have an opportunity to eliminate them while they rest, significantly reducing pests in your home year over year.

Because few insects are seen in the winter, many mistakenly believe that wintertime pest control inspections aren’t needed. However, some cold-tolerant insects even produce glycerol and other ice nucleating agents that serve as nature’s antifreeze in response to low temperatures. It’s important to perform service year round to monitor and suppress insects in every season.


  1. Only the species listed above are included. All other species are specifically excluded. Excluded species include but are not limited to: Lice, bed bugs, wildlife, honey bees, and *brown recluse and black widow spiders.
  2. If a rodent infestation is identified during inspection, a Wildlife Inspector will visit at no charge to evaluate the level of infestation and discuss a treatment plan.