Diverse Pest Control Firm

Diversity is at the heart of our worldview. Landmark Pest Management’s diversity mission is to mirror the rich diversity of the marketplace we serve and be recognized for inclusion and fairness in all aspects of our business, including our workplace, our supply chain, and those benefitted by our scholarship programs and community giving.

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We believe in the necessity of affirmative action programs benefitting women and minorities and we are aware that data from disparity studies have proven the ongoing need for these programs designed to enable individuals belonging to disadvantaged groups a fair and representative share of opportunities.

Diversity in Procurement

If you are a fully qualified regular dealer who is a diverse supplier, supplying a product or service we buy, we offer a transparent procurement process where we will tell you the price that we currently pay for that product or service and we will give you the opportunity to match that price. If you can offer the same, or better, price and service as our current vendor we will switch to you because we give preference to certified diverse vendors.