Bed Bugs in Commercial Settings

Bed Bugs in Commercial Settings2019-02-15T12:52:21-06:00

The population of people with bed bug infestations at home is increasing and when those people come to your office, their bed bugs come too. That’s why we offer one of the most comprehensive responses to bed bugs in our industry. Landmark’s discrete rapid response can have a technician to you in as little as one hour. We respond 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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Bed Bugs in Offices

Some commercial buildings feature offices and waiting rooms that serve the public. Buildings with a steady flow of visitors are particularly vulnerable to bed bug infestations, since bed bugs use hooks on their feet to hitchhike on clothing and belongings.

Private offices that are closed to the public can get bed bugs too. Employees can pick up bed bugs on public transportation or even at restaurants, so bed bugs may be brought to work without there being an infestation at a worker’s home.

When an employee does have an infestation at home, they may infest the workplace before they even realize that their home is infested. Because some people’s skin doesn’t react to bed bug bites, and bed bugs are very good at hiding, an employee may not be aware that their home is infested. In fact, one study which featured the group least likely to have skin reactions, the elderly, demonstrated that up to half of those living in bed bug infested apartments didn’t know it because their skin didn’t react to bites.

Handling Employees with Bed Bug Infestations

Blame is useless when it comes to the origin of a bed bug infestation. Trying to figure out which employee may have brought the problem can cause more harm than good and make an employer vulnerable to discrimination, harassment or retaliation claims. Addressing the workforce as a whole and never singling out an individual are useful ways to avoid this risk.

When bed bugs are suspected in the workplace, materials on how to check one’s mattress and identify an infestation at home should be distributed to all employees at once, and an employer should state that their policy is to not single out any employee or tolerate an environment where others do so.

When an employee does have an infestation at home, unless they seek treatment your office could be re-infested. The best way to encourage employees to determine whether they have an infestation and seek the necessary treatment is to gather all of your employees together for an information session taught at no charge by Landmark’s expert staff.

Staff Education

Landmark’s research-based, green approach to commercial bed bug eradication is successful in part because when bed bugs strike an office, Landmark sends an entomologist, biologist, or public health professional to your site to conduct information sessions for your personnel.

Landmark’s education sessions not only reduce social stigma associated with bed bugs, but they also encourage early reporting which can result in better treatment outcomes for your workplace. Information presented in these sessions includes:

  1. How to identify the signs of bed bug infestation
  2. Why it is important to never single anyone out at work
  3. How bed bugs spread from place to place
  4. How to prevent bed bug infestations at home and when traveling
  5. How to check your mattress and furniture for signs of bed bugs
  6. How to get your home infestation treated privately and discreetly
  7. Who is entitled to free treatment at home
  8. Free access to Landmark’s confidential bed bug hotline where personnel can have their questions answered and arrange discreet home service

Landmark not only manages your bed bug infestation; we help you manage all of the stakeholders who may be concerned. We help to soothe your team by assuring them that you are following the instructions of an expert pest control provider. We coordinate with you and any applicable building owners and management companies about the infestation, making eradication a coordinated team effort.

Having a bed bug infestation at work can result in loss of productivity, anxiety, and even negative media attention. Landmark Pest Management understands the complexity of bed bug treatment so you can keep your focus where it should be, on your business.

If you are reading this outside of normal business hours and you would like to speak with a manager right now about a pest emergency, please call our hotline number at 847-870-7175 and ask the operator at our 24-hour answering service to page the manager on call.

DNA Testing for Bed Bugs in Illinois

Landmark utilizes a technique called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for the detection of bed bug DNA. We swab your surfaces and then submit the sample to the lab. If the test indicates a “positive” result, that means conclusively that bed bugs have been present in the past year. We can have your results to you in 72 hours.

Other insects such as cockroaches, ants, and fleas have a different DNA signature and cannot be mistaken for bed bug DNA in this test. A “false-positive” result is not possible with this process and all positive results indicate the presence of bed bug DNA.

Watch this video to see Landmark collect bed bug DNA: