Residential Pest Control

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Landmark tailors Integrated Pest Management plans to fit homes of every type. It’s our mission to support healthy families by engineering the ecology of their homes. We evaluate your exact needs to deliver a green solution that is the best choice for your home and family. Our targeted approach, called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a better choice than old-fashioned pesticide-centric pest control.

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A recent University of North Carolina Department of Entomology study found that IPM is a viable and preferable alternative to old-fashioned pest control because it reduced the amount of pesticide residues found on non-target surfaces. They evaluated the cost of the respective services, the time, the products applied, and the effectiveness in controlling pests. Integrated Pest Management was found to be the superior and greener choice.

Our research-based methods achieve a high standard of control while reducing reliance on pesticides. Landmark’s green technologies and targeted methods remove what pests need to survive; access to food, water, warmth, and harborage.

We encourage chemical-free pest control as first measures before turning to products that carry warnings of any kind. When pesticides are used, the mildest effective product is chosen and is applied the most targeted way at the lowest effective dosage.

We look for areas that are vulnerable to pest intrusion, identify and prevent breeding sites, and inspect source locations including kitchens, basements, crawlspaces and drains. Our detailed reporting makes you aware of any vulnerable areas and necessary maintenance improvements.

Our preferred green methods include natural products such as silica, dust formulations applied to inaccessible wall voids, and targeted bait gels applied to cracks-and-crevices. We first employ pesticide-free methods such as insect traps, pheromone traps, enzyme treatments, structural exclusion, and habitat modification.

Seal Pests Out

The best way to prevent infestations is to keep pests from entering in the first place. Landmark’s gap seal service permanently closes your home’s most vulnerable points. Our work is fully warrantied against workmanship or material defects.

Excluding Rodents to Reduce Reliance on Rodenticides

We know, it sounds counterintuitive, but if we’ve done a great job on your rodent control, we should make ourselves obsolete over time. Old-fashioned pest control is built around keeping clients on a program forever by putting down mouse poison in greater and greater concentrations, leading to mice and rats that develop resistance over time. Landmark’s Rodent Control Policy is different.

With adequate correction of structural deficiencies and rodent trapping, most rodent problems should be well controlled without the use of rodenticide baits. When rodenticide baits are used as a knock-down agent for the immediate control of severe rodent problems, Landmark will recommend that structural exclusion and rodent trapping take place in conjunction with their use. By sealing the holes where the rodents got in, we reduce reliance on rodenticides over time.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for rodenticides, since rodenticides may have the undesirable potential of reaching non-target species such as birds of prey and other wildlife.

Emergency Response

If you need a biologist in the middle of the night, our discrete rapid response can have a technician to you in as little as one hour. We respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Nuts About Pest Management

We admit it. We’re more than a little crazy about safety. It’s the reason why protecting public health by engineering the ecology of your building is our mission. Did you know that nut products are used in many pest control formulations? Because of the growing prevalence of nut allergies and sensitivities, all Landmark treatments are peanut and tree nut-free.