Government: Police, Fire & Libraries

Government: Police, Fire & Libraries2019-02-21T10:45:19-06:00

When it comes to protecting your city’s libraries and other municipal buildings, Landmark ensures a clean, pest-free environment with 24-hour monitoring designed to catch emerging issues before they become a problem.

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Our technicians analyze and diagnose infestations, eliminating them at their source. We look for areas that are vulnerable to pest intrusion, identify and prevent breeding sites, and inspect source locations including common areas, basements, trash receptacles, and landscaping. Our detailed reporting helps you streamline processes and make maintenance improvements.

Landmark’s Integrated Pest Management program reduces reliance on pesticides by delivering research-based green technologies and targeted methods that remove what pests need to survive; access to food, water, warmth, and harborage. We first employ pesticide-free methods such as insect traps, light traps, air curtains, structural exclusion, and habitat modification. Preferred green methods include natural products such as silica, dust formulations applied to inaccessible wall voids, and targeted bait gels applied to cracks-and-crevices.

Police and Fire

Landmark Pest Management respects the dedication of police and fire personnel. We work hard to help them feel comfortable and safe in their places of work. We know that many police and fire facilities operate around the clock. We coordinate with your facility’s managers to provide service at off-peak hours so that you can focus on what you do best, protecting the community.

People who visit police stations may leave bed bugs, body lice, and other pests behind. Our staff is expert at identifying these pests and treating them with the most effective products available, restoring areas to safe and sanitary conditions.

Firefighters sometimes “detail” at a variety of different houses. Unfortunately, great chili recipes aren’t the only thing that can get shared between stations. Along with the visiting personnel, bed bugs sometimes hitch a ride from station to station. Our emergency response, monitoring, and green methods keep fire houses sanitary and bed bug-free while reducing exposure to pesticides.

We solve bed bug infestations every day and our scientific and green methods are proven to be more effective and better for the environment than old-fashioned pesticide-centric approaches.

Staff Training

Every program includes training regarding best practices for containment and response when pests infiltrate. We provide training materials and conduct education sessions so that your staff will have lean, systematic processes in place when pest issues arise. This includes teaching your staff how to avoid behaviors that are likely to introduce bed bugs to your facilities, such as bringing in used furniture. Additionally, we will educate your staff on how to quickly identify and seek treatment for infestations at home so that they are not brought into the workplace.