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Complete Home Pest Control

Landmark’s Complete Home coverage includes over 40 species of insects, rodents and other pests all year long. If the species you’re searching for isn’t listed on our site, please call our office. If it’s native to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, we control it.

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Illinois Insect Identification

Our entomologists and insect experts are standing by to identify insects and other pests. Please email photos of insects in Illinois that you would like to have identified to help@landmarkpest.com. We will identify the species and respond to you the same day.

We have donated rare and unique insect specimens to the Field Museum of Natural History, including an extensive collection of Cicada killer wasp females each paired with cicadas.

Occasional Invaders and Non-infesting Species of Insects

Occasionally an insect wanders indoors that is a member of a non-infesting species. While one could certainly find a pest control company who would come out and spray the whole building making it toxic to anything that lands on it, this is not in keeping with Landmark Pest Management’s philosophy.

Landmark specializes in client education, so if the insect in a home or office is nothing more than an occasional invader that enters looking for warmth in the fall, we’ll suck it up with a vacuum and apply caulks or sealants to keep them from entering in the future.